May 09 2021

What does being a mum mean to you?

Being a mum has been my greatest achievement in life. As much as I have enjoyed my career and hobbies, watching my girls grow into the smart , strong and beautiful women they are has given me so much joy


Describe your perfect mother’s day?
Having brunch or lunch with my husband, the girls and their husbands and beautiful children. Just looking at their faces and enjoying hugs and beautiful cards with messages of love. I’ve kept all of the cards I’ve received and now have a huge box full

 Since having your own children what does your mum mean to you?
My mum means the world to me. Becoming a mother myself made me realise how selfless and giving she has been and the true meaning of unconditional love


Ash - Having my own daughter has really made me appreciate everything my mum has done for us, I now really understand that you would do anything for your children, Mum has always put us first and now I truly understand that. Mum means absolutely everything to me, I wouldn’t be able to do it without her.
What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with any new mum’s?

Do what is right for you and your baby and try not to worry too much about peer pressure to do everything. Take time to enjoy the precious moments as your baby will truly grow so quickly.

Ash- Do what works best for you and not what everyone else is doing.


How does your style compare and differ as mother and daughter?

We do tend to be drawn to similar styles but at the same time recognise that certain styles or colourways do look better on the girls. We are able to pick out pieces for each other as we know each other’s style so well

  What has it been like watching your daughters become mothers?

It has made me so proud to watch them grow into strong independent mothers. Watching them love their children so fiercely and unconditionally fills my heart with pride.


First memory of bringing the girls to Stable?
I actually have a funny feeling that Ashlea may have introduced me!!! Now it’s our go to store for everything from home leisure wear to special pieces


Sometimes it’s the smallest moments that are the most magical what have been your favourite moments?
Holding my 2  precious grandchildren for the 1st time will be one of the most special memories for me. Spending time with the girls just sitting at home with the babies and watching them do things that the girls used to do makes us laugh




What has been your most coveted stable purchase In your house hold aka the one you’ve fought over the most?

Shoes definitely spring to mind!!! And not only one pair!! Luckily we all don’t have the same shoe size

Do your daughters steal your clothing?

Absolutely!! My wardrobe is fondly known as “The Shop” and I frequently get phone calls to ask if they can come to the shop to “borrow” something!!!


What is one thing you would like to instil in your children?

To be able to appreciate each other for who they are and to always be there for each other. Life is so transient and fragile and family is everything


How do you find balance and wellness for yourself as a parent?  How do you de stress?

I’m a pilates junkie and really enjoy practicing it most days. I find that besides increasing my strength and balance, it’s a way of resetting myself after busy or stressful days


What’s on your Stable wish list?

Oh where do I start? If I had to choose one thing I would probably have to say another pair of See by Chloe rubber boots

 Ash- Anything Ganni! 


The last year has been a whirlwind what have you been grateful for within your relationship with your children?

I am so grateful to have both girls living close by and to have been able to see them throughout a very difficult year. Our family has grown throughout all of the craziness and to be able to help and be there for both girls has meant everything to me. I think that we have all become closer as mother and daughters now that both girls are mothers themselves. I couldn’t be happier for or prouder of both of them for their strength and tenacity throughout a very difficult time