May 07 2020

What does being a mum mean to you?

I'm not sure I can put into words. I've wanted to be a mother my whole life. I have always been surrounded by kids and they tend to gravitate towards me. I have so much time for mini people. Having James has taught me so much already. From growing and carrying him in my body, to bringing him into the world and being with him everyday. I see ISO as a blessing. My time is purely dedicated to him. He has taught me how to take care of myself, made me view my body as a vessel that needs nourishment and love to cocoon him. Made me feel the most beautiful, strong and determined I've ever felt in my whole life. I was already ambitious before him but even more so now. He's opened my eyes to who I am, what I want and given me so much more drive in life. 

Has being a mother influenced your creative process?

Yes! My head is bursting with ideas. In the later stages of pregnancy I would wake up in the middle of the night with paintings in my head. I tried to keep a journal next to my bed so I could scribble and go back to sleep. James gave me so much freedom which is totally ironic because he is attached to me all the time. I have had to adapt to being extremely efficient with my time. My time in the studio is based around his naps. As soon as those eyes close I am flying. He has also taught me to let go, a little. I am a total control freak. But you can't manage those perfect straight lines with a head bobbing around on your chest so I just accept those waves in my lines now as his input to my paintings!

What's your ISO style looking like these days?

I try every day to find that time for myself in the morning. I have got my morning skincare and make up routine down to a swift 10 minutes. I wee bit of eye liner goes a long way! It's so important for me to take a little extra time to dress. I love clothes, Steve (my husband, Sculptor den Holm) met at fashion school many moons ago. I have a real shopping problem but its kinda switched to shopping for James which is so stupid because the clothes don't fit for long. Steve & I have started watching runway couture shows at night instead of TV and it's sparked that interest again. I love a good bright knit in winter and a classic coat. At the moment I have my eye on the new Lacoste A/W 2020 collection by Louise Trotter. Its INSANE. The palette and the Silhouette are incredible. I will actually die if I don't buy the colour block leather coat. Daily, my Acne olive green bomber jacket makes me feel dressed even if I fling it over a hoodie and a good pair of jeans. I'm also really into loud trainers. My favourite are my colour block Chloe runners. 

What are you missing most?

The dance floor. I haven't had a good night out since May 12th 2019. I love that I know the exact date. I can't wait to hug my mates and have really beautiful cocktail then dance until the sun comes up. Steve and I love a good night out. I can't wait to go for nice meals and see good movies at the cinema. I love people, I recon i'll be like a blue arsed fly when the restrictions are lifted. I have a vision of people running around the streets touching each other the day this is over. Can you imagine the parties?

What does your average day look like?

James and I have a chill morning. A few days a week Steve starts work late so he can spend the morning with us and takes James for a walk to get us coffee while I shower. Then we slowly make our way to the studio where we feed, cuddle, paint, repeat. Then at night we will all go for a big walk and have dinner before chilling in the evenings. ISO life has changed our lives and slowed us down, usually we would go to Lygon Street to look at art books in readings or work late in the studio, or see friends. Once a week I work for Little Company. I am the Creative Director so every week is different, James and Scout come along with me. We are either shooting, in clinic or working from home on new projects. 

How are you spending your first Mother's Day?

We have no plans, probably the normal Sunday routine. A walk and a coffee before spending some time at home then we will all go to the studio - Steve and I share a warehouse. We are so lucky to be doing what we love for a living so we spend as much time as we can there creating. There's nothing else we would rather do. I would like to shame a bottle of Verve tho.....

What have you and the fam been listening to or watching at the moment?

We love Ludovico Einaudi, he's our life soundtrack. In the studio I've been pumping the 90s bangers. When Steve takes James and I have a free hour you better believe Ne-yo is full blast. We've just finished Ozark and patiently waiting on I  This Much Is True being released. We have pretty much completed Netflix. 

Whats next for Bobby Clark?

A virtual exhibition, 3D forms, environmental sculpture, fashion, textiles.....abs. (dreaming)

Where can people buy your work?

Limited Edition Prints through my website and originals and commissions via email
I'm a one (wo)man show so there will be originals on my website soon....