May 05 2021

What does being a mum mean to you?

Actually everything, my girls are my driving force in life and I am lucky to be their mum, even if they do occasionally  wish I wasn’t lol

We know this was moons ago but what was it like having a young baby and starting your own business? How can you compare to now?

We signed the lease on Stable when Andie was two weeks old. I remember sitting against a cold brick wall mid reno in June breastfeeding her with a hard hat on. 10 years later with Acie it was a little more thought out and I put a few things in place so I would feel less of that hopeless feeling of not having enough hands, time, and sleep that I felt first time round.


 Describe your perfect mother’s day?

It would definitely begin with the obligatory breakfast in bed, with some nice cards and a little gift  then hopefully a rather slow day to follow without too many places to be and if the sun is shining even better.



What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with any new mum’s or wish your mum had given you?

Don’t succumb to mum guilt, it's redundant.  We all try our best, not every situation is ideal but that’s life and most importantly try to enjoy your kids as much as possible because I think having little ones truly is the best time in your life and its fleeting.



Run us through a morning in your household?

Hmmm if we get out alive and on time then it’s a success. I secretly don’t mind a little chaos anyway.


How do you balance work and motherhood?

Not very well …  I am fortunate to have a husband that takes care of everything regarding home life.


 Sometimes it’s the smallest moments that are the most magical what have been your favourite moments?

I have a 10 year gap between my girls and feel very lucky that I now have the two, so when they fight over a hair brush I am delighted. Having both girls on either side of me watching Disney is also the highlight of my weekend.

Have the girls discovered your wardrobe? Does Andie give you any style tips yet?

They both love to play in my shoe cupboard and it's never the sensible ones they shine too. I have kept all my stand out shoes in boxes for Andie but unfortunately her foot size is already surpassing mine and a six inch heel is not appropriate for a 12 year old. 


Your favourite Stable memory?

I really have so many and I feel very lucky to work in such a fun and supportive environment that my children have been able to be part of. I was never able to join a mothers group when I had a new baby  as I was too busy working. I was very lucky to have such great customers that I felt I could ask any questions about child rearing; whether it was a photo of a rash being passed around or a debate on the right time to get them a phone.


What is one thing you would like to instil in your daughters?
My mum always told us that we could do anything we could put our mind to.
I want to give my daughters that same confidence in life.
She was also very particular on making us independent  ..
“ Make your own money don’t rely on a man “ was often whispered.


How do you find balance and wellness for yourself as a parent?  How do you de stress?

I really need to find more time for this, but the fastest and most effective way I learnt to de-stress in lockdown was with a magnesium bath … add the WA:IT products to that and I feel like I have been to an express health retreat. I have been known to park the car and listen to smooth FM in emergency situations and running is the perfect combo of stress release and endorphins, I just can't find my headphones …?

What’s on your Stable wish list?
I have a few …
A Sarah Gardner ring ( opal please )
Some new sleeping with Jacques the platinum for winter
Nagnata  leggings
O.P Palace pullover
Ganni rubber boots in pink


The last year has been a whirlwind what have you been grateful for within your relationship with your children?

Last year was very hard with lots of uncertainties but I think the best thing to come from it for me is not looking for the big thrills just an overall more content feeling in the slower side of life and in that time really connecting with my girls.

Photographed by Nicole Williams