April 29 2021

What does being a mum mean to you?

Being a Mum is an incredible gift. It is a journey of nurturing and loving, discovery, and learning from the day you give birth.

 Describe your perfect mother’s day?

My perfect mother’s day is spent at home with my girls (and partner and dogs). That way I can truly enjoy every moment from waking to a cup of tea to preparing lunch together which we often share with grandmothers. The highlight is receiving and reading the cards created with beautiful messages of gratefulness and love. 


What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with any new mum’s or wish your mum had given you?

When my eldest daughter was born my mother said “The greatest gift you can give this child is independence. Whilst this is sometimes a difficult thing to do I have attempted this with my three girls and they are all fiercely independent strong young women.


 How does your style compare and differ as mother and daughter?

 A tricky question as all three girls have their own style! Camilla is a lot more boho than me and chooses vintage over new, Giselle is attracted to brands and finds what works for her within a brand and Helena is a pared back version of me.


First memory of bringing the girls to Stable?

On opening night I took my three girls to Stable where their interest lay in the pony rides and ice cream on offer. How times have changed!


What did your mother teach you about style?

Don’t follow trends blindly but find what suits your shape and personality within the current trends. If you can then add a little vintage and wear your wardrobe…. don’t save it for best!


Sometimes it’s the smallest moments that are the most magical what have been your favourite moments?

The most magical moments for me are everyday moments….. a hug or touch, a smile or kiss, a thank-you or a revelation into their private moments which is the greatest thank-you of all


 What has been your most coveted stable purchase in your house hold aka the one you’ve fought over the most?

Hmmmmm there have been many and this has increased recently as all girls have now finished school. We are all different shapes and sizes but the one constant is a size 40 shoe ( even though Lauren is convinced I am a 38!) so, at the moment it is the Chloe cream rubber boot


 Do your daughters steal your clothing?

 Well I have tried to create a situation where they ask to borrow rather than steal. I am not so sure that this always happens though!!!

What is one thing you would like to instil in your children?

I would like them to know that” if you give then you can”. This applies to working hard to achieve your goals and dreams, giving to those in need (whether it be a friend or a stranger) and giving to each other so that you can build strong familial relationships.


How do you find balance and wellness for yourself as a parent?  How do you de stress?

Well Giselle would say that I destress by cleaning and sorting “Mum you’re just like Monica from Friends”. However, I find balance through a healthy lifestyle focussing on nutrition, exercise, conversations with close friends and a good 9-10 hours of sleep each night.


What’s on your Stable wish list?

I am waiting for the next drop of Essential Antwerp trainers. I have gone through three pairs but as I have already mentioned we all wear a size 40 shoe!!


The last year has been a whirlwind what have you been grateful for within your relationship with your children?

During the covid lockdowns I was separated from Camilla and Giselle. I was grateful for our ability to communicate openly when not face to face and to love one another from a distance. Whilst this was hard it gave me the time to focus on Helena who was completing year 12. She benefited from the one on one from her Mum, something the youngest rarely experiences and I enjoyed seeing her flourish with this support. I grew as a mother learning to adapt to the change in our relationships overnight. It drove home to me the message that as a mother you are always learning on the job!

Photographed by Nicole Williams