July 14 2020

How did you get into styling? 

I kinda fell into styling to be honest. I have always been in the fashion industry in different facets as a model, fashion buyer and fashion producer. About two years after having my first son a girlfriend who was a producer for several Australian brands asked me if I would be interested in doing a bit of styling. I was like yeah why not and it just kinda took off from there. 


What inspires you the most when your styling? 

Well it depends on the project haha. I have always loved a lot of colour and layering. I love it when clients come to me with a collection or a style direction and give me full creative freedom to pull it all together. It’s really satisfying seeing it all come together and the brand or client feeling excited by the outcome.


What are some key looks coming out of iso? 

Layering - Think outside the box - take a skirt in your wardrobe and reinvent it by wearing it as a dress w a fab new shirt or top underneath. There are no rules to fashion it’s an interpretation of your personality. Let it show! 

Colour  - After being stuck at home for the past few months and now not being able to travel to warmer climates it’s nice to be able to dress with some colour to keep our spirits high through what might be a long winter.  Even coloured leather is fab this season. Invest in a great trench coat a colourful chunky knit or cardigan a pair of military/ and or hiking boots. Ganni do some great hiking boots.


Must haves? Wardrobe staples?

High waist jeans, roll neck skivvies, chunky knits, loose tees and a fab shirt for layering. Tailored suiting with fem shirting is key also this trend is staying around. Also a good trench is a must! I’d also get hold of a great pair of high waist leathers. Hiking/and or military lace up boots with chunky socks I’m digging. 


How long have you shopped at Stable?

Ha ha back when we lived in middle park and I had my first born (now 9) and I’d walk him everywhere as it was the only way he would sleep. I’ve always loved how Lauren buys for her store. She has a great mix of staple brands and unique brands not found everywhere else. I am always looking for new brands and pieces that are not already worn by everyone for myself and clients. It’s hard to find unique pieces these days.



A few of your favourite brands at the moment? 

Ducie, Ganni, Baum Und Pferdgarten, Sleeping With Jacques, Lucy Folk & On Parks


Has Covid affected your creative process with styling? 

Just before we went into lockdown I had some really exciting projects coming up and then within a few days everything stopped. So yeah it definitely affected my creative process I had to start thinking about other ways to get my creative juices flowing. Home schooling definitely wasn’t one of them ha ha.. Things are different now and I am sure the industry will eventually get back to normal (whatever that is) it will take time I haven’t been on set since before lockdown but I am currently working on some exciting personal styling projects.


What are you looking forward to? 

Three weeks in Byron bay it’s a magic place and will hopefully help me get my creative juices flowing again after iso